Monthly Archives: September 2019

  1. How to Use the Weather and Tides Feature on the Navionics Boating App

    Know what weather to expect before you head out on the water. This video tutorial shows you how to check a variety of available forecasts including daily and hourly weather, wind, tides and currents in the Navionics Boating app.
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  2. What’s better than having updated charts?

    Whether you go out boating for a day—or longer—it’s worth the extra time to think about your planning and preparation. Once you’re on the water, you want to enjoy every minute. Wouldn’t it be annoying to spend this precious...
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  3. Pick your deal at the Perth Boat Show

    From September 20th to the 22nd, Navionics Australia will be at the Perth Boat Show at Stand 26. 

Come visit us and we will show you what we have to offer and give you a demonstration of our products. This is also a great opportunity to...
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  4. Boating app improved with AIS target vectors and more

    We have been working to improve some of our most interesting features: AIS and our ActiveCaptain® Community integration. AIS: understand a target’s course and speed at a glanceThe recently added and highly requested AIS feature is...
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