Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. An additional source of information in the Boating app

    The Boating app now hosts a bigger crowd to share their experiences on the water. In fact, with Community Edits, the app already allows users to view local information — constantly revised and enhanced — shared...
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  2. ​We are discontinuing some of our Boating apps

    Until now, we offered a variety of boating apps on the App Store™ and Google Play™, based on location and device type. Now, we are simplifying our product line and discontinuing most of them, leaving just...
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  3. More Than 200 Km of the River Murray Now Mapped

    Driven by a passionate commitment to support our customers’ enjoyment on the water, Navionics® continues enriching its chart coverage to include popular boating and fishing areas around the world. In recent years, Navionics has given more and...
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