Revolutionizing Lake Mapping

SonarChart™  become more detailed as sonar logs are contributed and processed.

SonarChart™ is an innovative feature that allows you to create your own lake maps as well as view changes made by others in the community.  There are a variety of waterways that benefit such as never-before-surveyed lakes in Minnesota, the ever-changing contours of systems like the Mississippi, Arkansas, or Alabama rivers and even popular saltwater destinations like Key West. Lake homeowners who never had sufficient mapping of their home water can now create their own.  SonarChart™ ensures that anglers and boaters always have the most accurate and updated charts possible.  For more information on how waterways benefit, read this informative featured article by Josh Douglas on

SonarChart™ is included in Navionics+, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum. Customers who own SilverGold or HotMaps Premium can get SonarChart™  by using Navionics Updates.  To learn more about compatibility for GPS chartplotters like Lowrance, Humminbird, Raymarine and more please click here.  SonarChart™ can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad with the purchase of the Navionics+ In-App upgrade.

Navionics products for use with the most popular GPS chartplotters include Navionics+Navionics UpdatesPlatinum+HotMaps PlatinumGold and HotMaps Premium. Navionics mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android handset and tablet are available on iTunes and Google Play or view charts online via WebApp.

Lindsay Hurley, Navionics Team