Inland Water Updates in Ireland, Poland and Portugal

Inland Water Updates in Ireland, Poland and Portugal

At Navionics we continuously enhance our products and technology to provide our customers with the best possible experience, the most complete details and the most relevant content. As part of our ongoing product enhancement, we recently updated the following inland waters:

We have recently reviewed, reworked and updated the shoreline of Lough Derg, the third-largest freshwater lake located at the southern end of the River Shannon. Powerboats, sailboats and other pleasure crafts navigate this 40 km narrow lough with shores in Clare (southwest), Galway (northwest) and Tipperary (to the east) counties.

Lough Erne has been updated with new spot soundings, beacons, navigational aids, rocks, annotations and cables with agreements from new source providers for the Shannon-Erne Waterway.

The boating enthusiasts using the lough, including anglers, water-skiers, rowers, lake-boarders, kayakers and canoers, will appreciate the improved details of this second-largest lake in Northern Ireland. While navigating countless routes through the 154 islands, along with many coves and inlets, boaters can take advantage of our new, improved cartographical data. These updates will be greatly appreciated, particularly in bad weather when strong winds can produce waves of open-sea proportions. The lake is also the location of the celebrated Lough Erne Regatta, the oldest Irish sail racing event, dating back to pre-1820.

The Masurian Lake District is located in northeastern Poland. In our recent updates of the area, we added rocks, more than 500 navigational aids and updated the coastline. Boating enthusiasts, canoers, anglers and nature lovers will appreciate the details going through the extensive rivers and canals.

The Douro is one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula, flowing from its source across northern-central Spain and Portugal to its outlet at Porto. Navigational aids were updated in our cartography on Crestuma and Carrapatelo.

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