A World of Reasons to Update Your Charts 

A World of Reasons to Update Your Charts 

You can enjoy stress-free time on the water when you know you are using the most current charts available. 
Cartographic details of the world’s oceans, seas, rivers and lakes need to be updated frequently because of both natural and artificial influences. These include shoreline erosion, sandbar shifts, depth changes, boat ramp and dock construction, marina development and dredging. In addition, we add or modify buoys, beacons and hazards to our charts along with a host of other edits continuously. Our experienced cartography team validates and incorporates ongoing changes to release more than 2,000 updates every day.  

The quantity and frequency of updates we provide is impressive, and so is the quality. We constantly scout new sources and carefully select the content that ends up in our final product to maintain the highest standards and continue serving you with the best detail possible. 

To demonstrate the volume and scope of the edits we make over time, we’ve created a tool that provides a quick overview of our worldwide updates: the Navionics Heatmap

The heatmap provides a visual representation of the quantity and the position of all the updates made in the last two years. It illustrates how dynamic and thorough the Navionics database is and of the amount of work we put into it. Choose from three time-period filters to see the updates in the last 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. 

To find even more information for your area check some of our recent examples of updates and view the latest content on our Chart Viewer

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