What’s better than having updated charts?

What’s better than having updated charts?

Whether you go out boating for a day—or longer—it’s worth the extra time to think about your planning and preparation. Once you’re on the water, you want to enjoy every minute. Wouldn’t it be annoying to spend this precious time checking equipment?

That’s why updating your charts should be the first item on your checklist. Everyone wants a stress-free voyage. The data contained in Navionics charts allows GPS chart plotters to suggest routes based on information contained in the map. This convenience means you can dedicate the right amount of time to planning your trip. It’s simply a question of having an active subscription.

Your subscription will provide advanced features. Check if your GPS plotter model is compatible with Navionics advanced features, and if it’s running the latest software. Check the latest cartography details of your area in our Chart Viewer and see the amazing amount of worldwide updates instantly on our Heatmap. Once you’ve updated your charts, you’ll be ready to plan your next adventure from home.

Downloading the latest cartography details is super easy and you can do it anytime from anywhere. Simply create an account (https://accounts.navionics.com/cas/signup ) and activate your GPS plotter card. Your subscription gives you access to daily updates for one year. Update your charts anytime you'd like.
Do you have a Navionics Boating App? You can update charts on your plotter card to get the most current data via Plotter Sync. Active subscriptions and matching regions are required on both the plotter card and the app.

Have an expired card subscription? Renew it now or receive a new chart at home.

Experience Navionics and start enjoying updated charts.