Boating App: Share Your Saved Items Easily with the Connections Feature

Boating App: Share Your Saved Items Easily with the Connections Feature

The latest Boating app update delivers new sharing options within the Connections feature. In addition to being able to reach out and connect with people from the Garmin and Navionics® communities and share your live location1, you now also can share your saved tracks, routes and markers.

First, make connections.

Find friends in the app and invite them to be your connections. It’s easy. Just access the Connections area from the app Menu, then search for people you know using the search bar. Once they accept, you’ll show up in each other’s lists. From here, you can also manage connection requests and check your connections list.

Next, start sharing.

Let’s face it. Local knowledge is invaluable. Share your favorite tracks, routes and markers with connections, and they can do the same for you. Planning to meet up at a certain spot next weekend? Share the location with your friends so everybody knows exactly where to go. Find a marina that always has the best gas prices? Spread the love with your friends in the app. You can even share your live location with friends so that you can see where everyone in your group is in real time. Feel free to keep your favorite fishing spots to yourself, though — we won’t tell if you don’t.

You can share a single item or multiple items with one or more of your connections that they can then save to their archive. You can also receive and save items from other Boating app users. Did your friend just brag on social about a trip they took? Ask them to give you the details so you can check it out.

Get the new features
If you already have our Boating app, simply update it to the latest version.
- For Apple® devices — on your mobile device, go to the App Store > Account > Available Updates
- For Android™ devices — on your device, go to Google Play > Menu > «My apps & games»

Subscription expired?
- From Just click here and log in with the same account you use in the app
- Within the app: Go to Menu then enter your profile and tap on Subscriptions

If you don’t have our Boating app yet, download it for free and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features.

1An internet connection and an active subscription are required to use the share live location feature. In the event of an internet connection loss, the last available position will remain visible.

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