How to view and contribute nautical data and points of interests to our charts!

How to view and contribute nautical data and points of interests to our charts!

The Community Edits layer in our Boating App allows you and millions of other app users to share local information. View nautical data and points of interests in your location, such as seasonal buoys, lights, rocks, moorings, and boat ramps, directly on your Boating app and contribute your own!

How to see Community Edits on your device
Open the Boating app and go to Menu > Settings, then turn Community Edits "ON". You will see all the contributions when you zoom in and download detailed maps. Objects added by boaters are marked with a “+”, while Navionics cartographic objects modified or deleted by users are labeled with "…" and "x" symbols, respectively.

How to contribute nautical data and points of interests
Make sure you have created an account or you have logged into the app (check it out in Menu > Me). This is a safeguard to prevent against any misuse of the feature.

- To add an object, first tap the map to display the cross hair, target the point where to place your item, then tap on "?". Select "Add" in the page that opens. Then, choose the appropriate category for your object, name it and add any relevant details and useful information. Your edits will be shared as soon as you connect your device to the internet.
- To modify an object, use the cross hair to target it and tap on "?". Select it from the list, then choose "Edit" to change information, “Move" to relocate it, "Report Abuse" to signal a misuse of the tool, and "Delete" to remove it.

Have a look at detailed instructions.

Community Edits can also be downloaded to a Navionics plotter card and seen on compatible plotters!

If you do not have the Boating app yet, download the FREE version that provides a 2-week trial! You will access the most detailed charts, including Community Edits, and advanced features!