Oppmannasjön Lake detailed map now available

Oppmannasjön Lake detailed map now available

Driven by a passionate commitment to support our customers’ enjoyment on the water, Navionics continues enriching its chart coverage to include popular boating and fishing areas around the world.

Much attention has been given to the Swedish lake system in the past years, and Navionics now provides more than 3,400 lakes throughout the country.

In the southernmost county of Skåne, we have been able to source detailed data for Oppmannasjön Lake. Previously, the map only offered a basic coastline of the lake, and now useful information such as depth contours and areas, spot soundings, rocks and geographic names are available.

Fishing has been practiced in this area for centuries by the Swedish monarch and clergy. This lake, along with others in the area, including the neighboring Ivösjön Lake, are known for pike, zander and perch. 
The new data used together with other Navionics fishing-oriented features such as SonarChart Live and Fishing Ranges on the Boating App will certainly represent an advantage for anglers.

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