163 new lakes charted in Sweden

163 new lakes charted in Sweden

At Navionics we continuously enhance our products and technology to provide our customers with the best possible experience, the most complete details and the most relevant content. As part of our ongoing product enhancement, we recently added 163 new lakes in Sweden.

Much attention has been given to the Swedish lake system in the past years, and Navionics now provides a total of 3,400 lakes throughout the country.
The new additions are in the Västerbottens län and Norrbottens län counties and among the most popular ones, anglers and boaters will notice the presence of:

- StoraLulevatten – located in the Stora Sjöfallet National Park
- Umnässjön – a good area for fishing trout, arctic charr, perch, pike, rainbow trout, whitefish and grayling
- Gäutan – a long, large lake with deep sections where fishing is fun in all seasons
- Vojmsjön – near the town of Vilhelmina

For all 163 new lakes, charts now provide coastline, spot soundings and bathymetry.

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