How to use the same Boating app subscription on all your devices

How to use the same Boating app subscription on all your devices

Learn how to use the Boating app on all your devices, with the same subscription.
Our Boating app has gone through a deep simplification process. We’re excited to share the latest
- You can now run the app with an optimized interface on both phones and tablets
- Enjoy the same app subscription across Apple and Android devices.

One app, many experiences
If you have a smartphone and a tablet, you can use the app on both devices. This gives you a richer user experience since the app is designed to fit the screen resolution of the mobile device on which it’s installed. It looks compact on the smartphone, while it features a split-screen interface on tablet with charts always displayed side by side with the menu, navigation console, detailed info and all other tools.

One subscription for all your devices

We’re happy to provide a simplified cross-device subscription. You can now use the same subscription on apps installed on both Apple and Android devices. This improvement eliminates the requirement of subscribing multiple times on different apps.
When you activate a subscription in Boating Marine & Lakes (the app for iPhones and iPads), you can also use it in Boating HD Marine & Lakes (the app for Android smartphones and tablets), and the other way around. This is true also if you have subscribed in the past, with the previous method.

Keep it shipshape with one account

We’ve made things more efficient, now it’s up to you to simplify: use the same account on the Boating apps you’ve installed on your Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
This way, your subscription will sync across all the apps. Even with an expired subscription, your charts are still available, and you can download detailed maps to all your apps.


If you have both Apple and Android devices follow the steps below to sync your subscription across the Boating apps installed on all your devices.

Make sure you have:

- Boating Marine & Lakes installed on your Apple iPhones or iPads

- Boating HD Marine & Lakes installed on your Android smartphones or tablets

If you already activated a subscription

> It will sync across all your Boating apps

> If you already have multiple subscriptions for both Apple and Android, we recommend using the same account. The subscription with more days left will sync across the apps.

If you haven’t activated a subscription yet

Open the app and go to Menu > Me > Subscription. Choose one or more coverage areas and subscribe.

Learn more about the Boating app.

*The diagram above tries to cover all possible scenarios. In a case of different situations, please contact us.