New data in Australia!

New data in Australia!

At Navionics, we continuously enhance our products and technology to provide our customers with the best possible experience, the most complete details, and relevant content. As part of our ongoing product enhancement, we recently added the South Australia lower lakes: Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert.

Often referred to as the lower lakes of the Murray River, these are two freshwater natural lakes where the most common native fish species found are Silver and Golden Perch and Murray Cod. Whilst both lakes are generally very shallow without much variation, we have been able to provide more detail around many important areas like tributaries and channels which give more awareness of the waterways for both navigating and fishing.

The lakes are commonly the site of regattas and boating races like the yearly sailing race “Milang-Goolwa Freshwater Classic” which runs 50 kilometres from Milang across Lake Alexandrina to Pt. Sturt and down the River Murray past Clayton to the river port of Goolwa.
From Goolwa over the Hindmarsh Island Bridge, great beaches are easily accessible near Murray mouth and Mundoo Barrage. The Coorong Channel flows through Lake Alexandrina.

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Browse your areas of interest on our Chart Viewer, check out some examples here below and judge for yourself:

Lake Alexandrina is a site for regattas.

Lake Albert freshwater natural lake.

The Goolwa Barrage locks are the entrance to the two-lake system.

Goolwa channel

Goolwa regatta Yacht Club

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