Hungary: Danube improvements live!

Hungary: Danube improvements live!

At Navionics, we continuously enhance our products and technology to provide our customers with the best possible experience, the most complete details, and relevant content. 
As part of our ongoing product enhancement, we recently updated a 378 km long stretch of the Hungarian Danube.

It goes from km 1433 to km 1811, along the border with Slovakia, down to Croatia, and updates include, but are not limited to: dry areas, lights, two-way routes, distance marks, radio calling-in points and bathymetry.
Along this stretch of the Danube, one can find the famous Budapest bridges and the Danube bend, one of the most beautiful river's landscapes. These remarkable landmarks make it a famous destination for sailing and cruising. Among the leisure activities offered by the river, fishing is also very popular: these waters present a high diversity in fish species including big catches and predators like pike, pikeperch and catfish.

See the improvements now
Browse your areas of interest on our Chart Viewer, check out some examples here below and judge for yourself:

See the improvements now
Browse your areas of interest on our Chart Viewer and judge for yourself.

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