Virtual Communities Unite on the Water

Virtual Communities Unite on the Water

Being away from our beloved boats is not ideal. Like you, we are boaters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts, and we are driven to dream up, develop, market and support products that we, recreational and commercial boaters and anglers, transportation services and first responders alike, all love to use.


Particularly during this time, we remain committed to ensuring that our essential services continue, uninterrupted, to help all who use our waterways. Many of the providers of data that Navionics and Garmin charts are built from have assured their continued service, and we aim to deliver these chart updates and new content to all who make their living on the water and those at home planning for the days to come.


Knowledge gathered from fellow boaters who share their experiences regarding all aspects of their boating life, from chart navigation to local services, is incredibly valuable. The boating community, like so many others around the world, is answering the call to participate as global citizens to help improve cartography for the benefit of those who depend on it. Our community of passionate on-the-water enthusiasts has asked how they can do more.

Alongside our commitment to continued service, we believe this is a moment for the community to make a difference. So, as you use this time to virtually plan your next voyage, we ask that you share what you know by adding and editing community content that can improve all our future on-the-water adventures.

You can help improve the content and quality of marine and lake charts for the betterment of the marine community through the Garmin ActiveCaptain™ Community and the Navionics Community Edits tool. Both receive hundreds of thousands of chart inputs every year worldwide. These impactful, easy-to use, crowd-sourcing tools enable you to share your experience in near real time to all who use our devices and applications.


All you need is a Navionics or Garmin account to start contributing right now to the Navionics Community Edits layer and to the Garmin Active Captain Community. Add or edit points of interest (POI), reviews and comments from your mobile devices and from the web. If you are concerned about contributing by memory and not on the spot, don’t worry. The best part of crowdsourcing is that everyone is encouraged to improve each other’s contribution. Since the communities are self-monitored, any registered user can comment, rate, modify or delete information. Moreover, Community Edits and ActiveCaptain Community are separate layers from official data and can be switched on and off.

The Community Edits layer is available through the Navionics Boating app and the Navionics ChartViewer. Everything you add, edit, rate and review is available to millions of boaters through mobile and web and released daily to all the Navionics chartplotter cards through our daily updates service.

ActiveCaptain Community is available through the Garmin ActiveCaptain Community website, the Garmin ActiveCaptain app and the Navionics Boating app. All contributions are immediately available on the platform through mobile and web and made available to all Garmin chartplotter owners through ActiveCaptain app sync.

With the contribution of all of us, we can be sure that as soon as we are back on board, we will have our most amazing on-the-water experience ever.

Start contributing.